Welcome to Angola portal, available on the following domains www.welcometo.co.ao,www.welcometoangola.co.ao and www.welcometoluanda.co.ao, is a project from the Angolan company OnMedia Ltd, registered with the NIF 541 702 6875.

Welcome to Angola is a guide of Angola and its provinces, which constitutes in media information, paper maps and guides "online", with the main objective of introducing our beautiful country and simultaneously disseminating and promoting the Angolan products and services.

Welcome to Angola paper version is published and free distributed in our own displays through a wide distribution network in places of public access - check our updated map.

The guide "online" is available at Welcome to Angola website, which also has a page in Facebook, at www.facebook.com/welcometo.guide.

In any of the its versions, "paper" or "online", Welcome to Angola is an asset for those who wish to travel in or to Angola, as well as for partners, since enriches the following information:

• Companies (products and services)
• Places to visit
• Gastronomy
• Culture
• Nature
• Leisure

Visitors of Welcome to Angola website can find useful information, tips and suggestions for their travel to Angola or in Angola. Sleeping, Eating, Leisure, Travel, Shopping, etc., are the main areas where one can find the best places, hotels, restaurants, bars, businesses, events, among many other suggestions.

Visitors of Welcome to Angola can also register "online" in order to create, manage and save their lists of favorite places that had visited or plan to visit in Angola; share our content with friends and family via email or social networks, and receive our news.

WELCOME TO Angola Business (Distribution)

Welcome to Angola was introduced initially to the world in the form of a web portal on www.welcometoangola.co.ao and thanks to the many institutional partners and companies, who felt the need of media to contribute to the development of tourism and business in Angola , is now a showcase of Angola.

With the conquest of the best provider of tourism services award in BITUR 2012 (Angolan Tourism Fair) and the award of the XIV INTERNATIONAL STAR AWARD FOR QUALITY Geneva 2013 - Category GOLD, a unique prize awarded to companies and organizations from 74 countries of recognized quality, distinguished by their contribution to the 'excellence', increased the responsibility of this 100 % Angolan project.

Angola and its 18 provinces have now this tool, which main objective is to show the country, its features and its tremendous opportunities.

All sectors of activity, industry, trade and services who work or who want to work in the Angolan market have a meeting point and visibility in Welcome to Angola.

Welcome to The Angola Business edited and distributed in partnership with Portugal Weekly Newspaper Expresso is distributed free on a large network of more than 200 points in Angola (Hotels, Restaurants, Businesses and Institutions), which is includes the Tourist Information Office at the Airport of Luanda.

In all media, in paper or online, Welcome to Angola Business is an asset for those who want to publicize and promote their products and services in Angola.